Terminal Configuration Procedure on Raspberry Pi 4


This article covers my personal terminal configuration procedure on a Raspberry Pi 4 device.

This will have little use for anyone else, it is just so I can lookup how I’ve setup my various Raspberry Pi’s.


Raspberry Pi 4 Terminal Display Configuration

Begin by opening a new Terminal window.

From the top menu, click “Edit” then select “Preferences” from the drop down.

Select the “Style” tab and change the Terminal font size from 10 to 12.

Change the Palette option from “VGA” to “Tango“.

Then click on “OK” to save and enjoy the new Terminal window display.



Again, this article on my personal Terminal Configuration Procedure on a Raspberry Pi 4 is just a reminder for how I prefer to setup my terminal windows on my various Raspberry Pi’s. Regardless, I still welcome your thoughts, questions or suggestions.

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