Turn off Outlook Thread or Conversation View

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The Microsoft Outlook app for mobile devices organizes emails by thread by default.

Organizing emails by thread arranges your messages into conversational threads based on the subject of the emails. In short, it combines messages with matching subject lines into one email.

Some users find this feature convenient, others find it difficult to locate emails quickly as it automatically collapses the content into a conversational thread. As a result, some users find that they end up missing important messages.

Likely we can quickly and easily change this option and revert back to the traditional way of handling emails. This article will show you how to turn off the organize emails by thread option in Outlook on mobile.


Disable Emails by Thread Outlook Mobile

Open the Outlook mobile app on your phone or table and touch the desired “Inbox” (1) at the top left of the screen. Then touch the “Settings” (2) gear icon and scroll down, locate the “Organize mail by thread” (3) toggle option and touch it to disable.


Disable Outlook Thread or Conversation View 1

Disable Outlook Thread or Conversation View 2

Disable Outlook Thread or Conversation View 3



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