UltimateMember Plugin file class-um-mobile-detect.php False Positive with WordFence Security

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Recently the WordFence security plugin for WordPress falsely detected a file within the UltimateMember plugin as malware. Removing this will will crash your website. Should you accidentally remove this file before reading that it is a false positive, simply restore it by downloading the plugin again and uploading the removed file.

Filename: class-um-mobile-detect.php


UltimateMember False Positive

We would not suggest choosing the “ignore” option, rather “Mark as Fixed“.

But always be sure to compare the two files for any alterations. One can’t be too careful with the recent security breaches within the UltimateMember plugin.

Should you need assistance, select “WordPress Plugin Install & Setup” from the drop down list on the form below. We’ll help fix your hacked WordPress website and lock it down to help prevent future exploits and security issues. While no one can protect against every possible attack, we can certainly help mitigate the risk to your website and business.




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