Recommended Settings for W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress

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The article distills the most helpful and optimal settings for the W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin.


Optimized Settings for W3 Total Cache Plugin

* Extensions
Disable all

* General Settings
check – Toggle all caching types on
UNcheck – Database Caching
UNcheck – Object Cache
UNcheck – Enable reverse proxy caching
UNcheck – Enable Google Page Speed dashboard widget
UNcheck – Show page rating in admin bar
UNcheck – Anonymously track usage to improve product quality

* Page Cache
check – Cache feeds: site, categories, tags, comments
check – Automatically prime the page cache
check – Preload the post cache upon publish events

* Minify
set Minify error notification to Admin Notification
set HTML & XML, HTML minify settings: check Enable, Inline CSS minification, Inline JS minification, Line break removal
JS, JS minify settings: check Enable, radio Minify
CSS, CSS minify settings: check Enable, Line break removal, @import handling: select ‘Process’

* Broswer Cache
– General
– – check – Prevent caching of objects after settings change
– – check – Don’t set cookies for static files

/* Optional if using free service such as CloudFlare
* CDN (Extensions, CDN – CloudFlare – Settings)
check Minify JS, CSS, HTML
UNcheck Server side exclude, Email obfuscation, Hotlink protection
– check Host Attachments, wp-includes, theme files, minified css and js, custom files
– check Add canonical header
– If you run into mixed-content warnings use the checkbox to Disable CDN on SSL pages to resolve the mixed content issue. You can also disable the CDN for certain types of logged-in users with the option to Disable CDN for the following roles.


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