Website Client Account Update

This is a notice to our existing website customer base, in short we are removing our web company tagline from the bottom of all managed websites.

Looking back, we cannot recall a single instance of a client requesting to have our web development company tag line removed from their website. For this we thank you all. We always added our web company tag line to the bottom of our web projects because we were, and still are, proud of our efforts and results.

Now that we’ve implemented a portfolio section within our newly designed website we felt that removing this tag line from our client websites would convey a more professional look. True, we can keep both the tagline and portfolio section. But we voluntarily removed the tag line from a client project and really liked the “clean look” that the copyright field had with our tagline removed. Another case of less being more.

We will be working on removing our tag line from everyone’s website throughout the week.

Again, thank you to everyone for your continued business patronage.