If your email account has been hacked, you must act quickly to regain control and prevent further issues.

Here are some steps you can take:


Scan Devices for Malware

Use an antivirus app to check your computer or mobile devices for infection. Also, ensure that your computer operating system and apps are fully up to date.

Change Your Password

While your devices scan for malware and assuming you can still access your email, change your password! Use a strong and unique password that contains letters, numbers, and symbols. If locked out, contact your email service provider.

Change Your Security Questions

The hacker may have also obtained answers to security questions. This could allow them to access and reset other accounts. Change your security questions to something not easily guessed or available on social media profiles.

Warn Your Contacts

Let friends, family, and colleagues know that your email account was hacked so they do not open suspicious messages or links ‘from you’. The hacker may attempt to use your email to send spam, phishing, or malware to your contacts.

Monitor Your Email Accounts

The hacker may have accessed other accounts linked to your email, such as social media, banking, or shopping. Monitor your accounts for any unusual activity, such as unauthorized purchases, withdrawals, or posts. Change your passwords and security questions for these accounts as well. You may even want to create fraud alerts for your credit reports to prevent identity theft.

Check Your Email Account Settings

The hacker may have changed some of your account settings to keep control or monitor your activity. Be sure to check your email account settings, look for changes in your recovery email, phone, signature, forwarding address, rules, filters, or even auto-replies. If you find any changes, undo them and save your settings. If you would like assistance with this, just give me a call.


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