Client Video Testimonials

A web site with a hundred customer testimonials will generate more leads and close more sales than a web site with no customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials are a large factor when it comes to making the decision of whether to make a purchase or not. If you are not utilizing the praise that your existing customers have for your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to have them help you sell to other prospects. Do not let excuses such as, “we are too busy to ask for testimonials” hold you and your sales back! ASK FOR THEM NOW! If this article has helped you generate your first customer testimonial, Like or Recommend us on Facebook.

This is important because as you grow, you can better deliver your products or services to your existing and growing customer base. In short, everybody wins. New customers will benefit from your products or services. Your existing customers will be happy that you are growing and expanding your ability to provide them with said products or services. This will also serve to validate the decision they made to have purchased from you in the first place.

Revenue is simply a result, a result of how helpful your products or services are. If you are not making any money, you are not helping anybody.


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Five Star Rating

Unbelievable service and knowledge


Five Star Rating

Thank you Manny! For what it’s worth, you have new happy customer.

  • Jamie K.
    Naples Gun Range And Emporium in Naples, Florida
Five Star Rating

I found Manny Rodrigues quiet by accident late last year when I began searching for a solution to our club’s antique static home page only website. We are the Ruidoso Duplicate Bridge Club of Ruidoso, New Mexico. Please visit our site……now under construction…..and watch as Manny works with us and the site morphs into a World Class solution for our Club. If you want a one on one testimonial of what it is like to work with Manny, ask him to put us in touch with each other.

  • Dan A.
    ACBL Unit 388 in Ruidoso, New Mexico
Five Star Rating

Manny provides stellar service with quick turnaround time. I know my firm’s websites are in great hands!

Five Star Rating

Very savvy and quite helpful! Our website is perfect. Helps with basic computer issues too since I don’t know much. Also, quite affordable.

Five Star Rating

Amazing skills with marketing, web design, and basically anything to do with technology! Have used their services with two companies now and have been amazed at how simple Manny can make things for us. He is always just a phone call away and always willing to help. He knows what we want even before we know! It makes a difference when someone knows about and loves what they do and when someone only has the knowledge with no passion. This man can help you in more ways than you can imagine! Thank you Manny!!!

Five Star Rating

I have used this company for approx 5 years. Had Manny in today to help set-up my laptop. He is not a computer geek talking in abstract-he is a sharp professional. Frankly, I don’t like computers, cell phone and the like. By the time he was done with my computer and phone…maybe I will start to like them. Doesn’t come on with fancy words or advice…he asked me what I wanted from the start and fixed EVERYTHING!!!At a great price!! Worked with my time frame, courteous, and on time. Can’t ask more than that. He will be”the man” as long as I am around. Thanks Manny!!!

  • Buddy L.
Five Star Rating

I contacted Endurtech on the recommendation of a relative. Manny was great. He quickly provided the advice I needed. I’m now giving sincere consideration to giving our IT work to Endurtech. Thanks Manny!

  • Peter B.