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Have you ever found yourself trying to make sense of PDF files with names that resemble a cryptic code more than anything meaningful? You’re not alone.

A recent encounter with a client highlighted a common frustration many face: PDFs downloaded from email attachments that retain long, random strings of alphanumeric characters as their titles, even after being renamed.

This article covers this common PDF document saving issue and provides a streamlined solution to save PDF document’s with their actual titles.


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Help My Email Account was Hacked

If your email account has been hacked, you must act quickly to regain control and prevent further issues.

Here are some steps you can take:


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A Brave browser extension to clear all completed downloads and hide the downloads icon in toolbar after two minutes. The Auto Clear Downloads Extension was cloned from the Always Clear Downloads 2 Extension which would auto clear downloads after 5 seconds. Like my 30 second version better? [Buy me a cup of coffee].

I published the Auto Clear Downloads Extension source code on GitHub. Feel free to review the source materials and provide me with your feedback. As for me, I love it! But hey, I am biased.



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Google Maps Integration

While traveling with Google Maps providing navigation I discovered that I could not sleep the screen without Google Maps navigation closing. I would then have to restart Google Maps navigation each time I opened the screen. In short I believe this is due to the power settings for Google Maps app on my Android phone.

Note: This article is intended for my use only and simply serves as a mental refresher.


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Google Authenticator versus Microsoft Authenticator

Recently switched my 80+ Two Factor Authentication Accounts application from Google Authenticator to Microsoft Authenticator on my Android phone and am very happy with the switch. It may also be worth noting that Microsoft Authenticator currently has a 4.6 star rating whereas Google Authenticator only has a 3.7 rating.

Even with that, I was reluctant to switch over. After all, I have over 80 accounts to manually port over. So I started out with only a few everyday accounts and once I obtained greater confidence I made the full conversion over.


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Set Google Shared Drive Theme Thumbnail

This article will provide you with instructions and a free Adobe Photoshop template for correctly creating a Google Shared Drive Theme image.


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A closer look into Gmail search semantics revealed that I could simply use the keywords “in:spam” to refer to the all messages under my SPAM label.

Knowing this, I set up a filter to automatically mark all new SPAM messages as Read within Gmail.

I have chosen to do this as I don’t want to see when a new SPAM message arrives and be tempted to check if it is legitimate. I find that Gmail’s SPAM filter is nearly 100% accurate so not constantly checking the SPAM label improves my productivity. But this is subjective and this operation or method may not be suitable for your related needs.


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Recently had a client who was unable to print individual emails from their online account when using their Google Chrome browser.

I was able to resolve their printing of individual emails on Chrome by simply disabling a browser Add-on Extension (in our case Grammarly).

In this article I cover other potential solutions that may assist you with resolving your inability to print individual emails from your Google Chrome web browser.


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Google’s Gmail email file attachment limit is 25MB. If your email file attachment exceeds 25MB, it will be uploaded to your Google Drive and linked to from within the email.

Assuming your Google Drive is empty, you can upload an attachment that is nearly 15GB! That’s Gigabytes in case you missed it.

Upon sending your email you are prompted to select your sharing preferences. Note that you can also use your Google Drive account to send file attachments that are under the 25MB attachment file size limit. This can be handy in case you want to share the same file with multiple contacts.


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In this article I cover how to whitelist an email contact or entire domain within Gmail. This is accomplished by creating a Gmail filter under the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” available under “Settings“.

Google Gmail’s Spam detection feature works very well but sometimes requires a bit of fine tuning. For example, if you keep having messages from a particular sender delivered to your Spam folder you can create a filter to “Never send it to Spam” again. This effectively is an email whitelist feature within Gmail but is achieved by creating email filters.

Within your Gmail account, click on the gear icon located at the top right corner of your screen which will open your Gmail Settings.


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