Open Link in New Window CSS HTML Icon

Presently, there is no standard for having an icon appear on an external link on your website for web accessibility purposes. What we mean by external link, a link that opens a new window or new tab.

No doubt, those using screen readers will be more interested in “what” the link’s alt property contains rather than “how” an icon specifying an external link looks.

For those interested in adding a quick and simple external link icon to all their external links, here is a CSS property for your consideration. This CSS property rule will apply to all links with a target equal to “_blank“.


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Disable XML-RPC on WordPress Website

The following kinds of attacks on WordPress websites, specifically targeting xmlrpc.php, have received increasing press coverage since 2015:

If you (via an app) or your website (via a plugin) are not using the xmlrpc functionality then it may be wise to disable access to xmlrpc.php

There are several free and premium plugins to choose from on the official WordPress repository. Remember, disabling access to the xmlrpc file may break API functionality that your applications or plugins rely upon.

Later in this article will show you how to disable access to the xmlrpc without using any WordPress plugins.


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