We all envision a future, some better life for ourselves. We strategize the moves needed to get there. The only problem is most people suck at it, using systems that are either way too basic or way too rigid.

To achieve literally anything, we will use a commonly talked about framework called the Eisenhower Matrix. Anything you do in life falls into one of these four Quadrants.

IMPORTANT Quadrant 1 Quadrant 2
NON-IMPORTANT Quadrant 3 Quadrant 4

Quadrant #1 is filled with stuff that’s both important and urgent. Sounds great, right? This is not where you want to be.

Most people start in Quadrant #1 until tired, inevitably falling into Quadrant #4, mindlessly attending to the non-urgent and non-important stuff like cleaning out your e-mail inbox or binge-watching YouTube (even if it’s educational videos). You goof around here until you’re ready to go back to Quadrant #1.

“Is that a new e-mail in your inbox? Hooray, you’re saved.” Can’t help but look, right? In your moment of weakness, you make a detour into Quadrant #3, focusing on the not important but apparently urgent things. And just like this from Quadrant #1 to #4 to #3 back to #1. Around and around, you go like a hamster in a wheel of life, devoid of growth.

The reality is this Quadrant #1 is just the bare minimum. Quadrant #1 is where you go put out fires, but if you’re constantly holding the fire extinguisher, when do you hold the hammer? Guess where the fires of Quadrant #1 come from? They come from the ignored dreams of Quadrant #2.

You see examples of this all the time.

  • Ignore that big project and reap the consequences when it’s due.
  • Ignore quality time with friends and family and they soon become decent strangers.
  • Ignore the gym long enough and you’ll wake up one day and suffer a heart attack.

Quadrant #2 is where dreams are built. It’s the stuff that’s good for you, but because it’s not urgent, you never make time for it.

Imagine yourself as a box factory worker. A day’s worth of work is 50 boxes. Little did you know that tomorrow the boss says he needs 100 boxes. Uh, sounds important and urgent, right? You don’t want to get fired. Will you grit your teeth and force it to happen.

From simple to-dos, phone reminder systems to micromanaged hour by hour planners your mindset is always the same; Learn another productivity hack to squeeze more juice from each day.

What if instead of being a better worker, you became a better factory? Instead of just putting out fires every day you spend one day making everything fireproof and thus freeing up the rest of your life.


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A Brave browser extension to clear all completed downloads and hide the downloads icon in toolbar after two minutes. The Auto Clear Downloads Extension was cloned from the Always Clear Downloads 2 Extension which would auto clear downloads after 5 seconds. Like my 30 second version better? [Buy me a cup of coffee].

I published the Auto Clear Downloads Extension source code on GitHub. Feel free to review the source materials and provide me with your feedback. As for me, I love it! But hey, I am biased.



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Google Chrome Logo

Don’t be evil” was a motto originally used by Google. A lot has changed!

A former Google employee is blowing the whistle on his former employer’s business practices. The whistle blower claims that Google has created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms – in effect targeting particular words, phrases and contexts to promote, alter, reference or manipulate perceptions of Internet content. This former employee has delivered roughly 950 pages of documents to the United States Department of Justice’s Antitrust division Friday, August 9th, 2019. He has also sat down with Project Veritas in a revealing interview which we highly recommend you view below.

Regardless of your political leanings, if companies are permitted to lie to the public and to congress about their business practices it opens the way for them to become malevolent. We all can agree that this would help no one and, due to their size, may hurt millions of unwitting participants.



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Google Chrome Dark Theme by Endurtech

There are 50 plus “Dark Mode” themes, as of this post, on the Google Chrome Web Store. Even so, I just needed a break and wanted to try doing something new. Figured why not try designing and fine tuning my own Chrome dark mode theme?

The process proved to be interesting and relatively straight forward. For $5 bucks I was able to get it published on the Google Chrome Web Store. I also published the theme source code and design file on GitHub. Feel free to review the source materials and provide me with your feedback. As for me, I love it! But hey, I am biased.



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GoDaddy Real User Metrics Javascript Injection Removal

The popular domain registrar, GoDaddy, is injecting Real User Metrics (RUM) JavaScript into its US based customer websites. Without notifying them first!

Issues with GoDaddy Real User Metrics

In some instances this injected JavaScript code may slow your websites’ performance or even render it inoperable. This bit of information is straight from GoDaddy’s own website.


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WordPress 5.0 Gutenburg Support

WordPress 5.0 introduces a robust content creation experience.

The new Gutenberg editor is the first step toward an exciting new future for WordPress with a streamlined editing experience. This gives the user more flexibility with how their content is to be displayed on their website.

Introducing Gutenberg

The new Gutenberg editor was developed with mobile in mind, capable of conveniently working across all screen sizes and devices. The best aspect of this new editor is that you no longer need a bunch of separate plugins for simple content styles and designs. This provides a website owner with greater security and makes editing their website content simple.

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Website Listing Service SCAM Letter from Domain Listing Company

We recently received an email from a client inquiring about a suspicious letter from a company called Domain Listings LLC that they received in the mail.

A closer look at this letter (near the center) reveals that it is a “solicitation” and “not a bill.”

What should I do If I get a letter from Domain Listings?

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Windows 10 File Deletion Bug October 2018 Update

Microsoft began rolling out the October 2018 Update for  Windows 10, version 1809, recently. Shortly afterwards reports began rolling in that the update resulted in the loss of end user data. Microsoft is now advising anyone who had manually downloaded the update, but not yet installed it, to not do so until further notice.

This is a significant blow to credibility which will undoubtedly result in hesitation next time end users go to update. Afterall, who needs to worry about hackers and malware when your operating system will destroy your files without any indication or reason.


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IDNS Internet Domain Name Services SCAM Letter

 We recently sent out a domain name renewal reminder to a client who replied that they had already renewed.

Suspecting a game was afoot, we requested a copy of the letter they received. Upon receipt it was apparent they had fallen for a common internet scam.

The letter they received was from a company called iDNS or Internet Domain Name Service. Sounds legitimate and the letter (as seen in this article) looks professional and legitimate. A closer look at the fine print you’ll notice that it is just a trick to get you to switch your domain registrar to them. On top of that, they are charging three times (3x) what we and most registrars charge for annual domain name registrations and renewals.


What should I do If I get a letter from iDNS?

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WordPress Content Management System Icon

PHP security researchers from RIPSTECH recently disclosed details about an unpatched security flaw impacting WordPress websites up to and including version 4.9.6.

This vulnerability affects the WordPress core, and not any plugin or theme. More precisely, the flaw was found in a PHP function that deletes thumbnails for images uploaded on a WordPress website. This flaw allows for the insertion of malicious code which may traverse the servers’ directories allowing for the deletion of crucial files. Something which isn’t possible without FTP or server access.

The severity of this vulnerability is reduced by the fact that only users of a certain access level (Author or higher) can attempt an exploit. However, if an attacker manages to register even a low-level “Subscriber” account on a site and then elevates its privileges, they can exploit this vulnerability to hijack the site.

Thanks to the security researchers over at RIPSTECH, they not only disclosed this issue but they also created and provided a temporary hotfix.


Would you like prompt assistance? If you don’t have time or are not comfortable taking the risk of adding custom code to your website, let us get this done for you now!


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