Set Google Shared Drive Theme Thumbnail

This article will provide you with instructions and a free Adobe Photoshop template for correctly creating a Google Shared Drive Theme image.


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GC Dark Mode Minimalist Theme Review

Happy to hear that our FREE Google Chrome Dark Mode Minimalist theme is enjoyed by others.

Thanks for the 5 stars on Google Henry! We appreciate it.

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Google Chrome Dark Theme by Endurtech

There are 50 plus “Dark Mode” themes, as of this post, on the Google Chrome Web Store. Even so, I just needed a break and wanted to try doing something new. Figured why not try designing and fine tuning my own Chrome dark mode theme?

The process proved to be interesting and relatively straight forward. For $5 bucks I was able to get it published on the Google Chrome Web Store. I also published the theme source code and design file on GitHub. Feel free to review the source materials and provide me with your feedback. As for me, I love it! But hey, I am biased.



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