Set Google Shared Drive Theme Thumbnail

This article will provide you with instructions and a free Adobe Photoshop template for correctly creating a Google Shared Drive Theme image.


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As the current leading social media companies continue to choose a path of censorship in order to alter narratives towards subjective ideological lines many are looking for alternatives.

Say hello to a free speech platforms, such as,,,, and now

Like the others listed, Parler is an unbiased social platform focused on open dialogue and user engagement.


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Google Analytics Logo

In this short video tutorial I speed run through (press pause if needed) the process of Adding and Removing a user from your Google Analytics account.




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Social Media Icons Missing in Enfold Theme

If you are using the Enfold theme for your WordPress web site, after updating to WordPress 5.3.1 you may have noticed that your social media icons disappeared.

The issue appears to stem from the WordPress 5.3.1 security and maintenance release which may be preventing the rendering of the icon font script used to display said social media icons. But this is just a guess.

Luckily, the Kriesi Media development team at Enfold have addressed the issue. The solution to the problem will be included within the next Enfold theme release which is expected sometime after the holidays. In the meantime, they have provided us with a way to patch the issue and restore the social media icon font functionality.


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New Happy Hour Menu Design for Naples Restaurant

We were recently hired to update the Happy Hour menu of a local Naples Italian Restaurant, Rosedale Brick Oven Pizza.

Reviewing their needed changes we felt like we were looking at a diamond in the rough. We asked the restaurant owner if we could propose a new design for the menu to which he agreed. No doubt he felt comforted having worked with us before.

We were pleased to design what you see here as the final product. More importantly, he was happy with it and it looks great posted on the outside of the restaurant’s entrance. Large font makes it easy to read and not a ton of graphics. But if you look close you’ll see a few speckle artifacts that add that extra bit of class to the design. Simple and classic, we are proud of it.


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Client Video Testimonials

A web site with a hundred customer testimonials will generate more leads and close more sales than a web site with no customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials are a large factor when it comes to making the decision of whether to make a purchase or not. If you are not utilizing the praise that your existing customers have for your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to have them help you sell to other prospects. Do not let excuses such as, “we are too busy to ask for testimonials” hold you and your sales back! ASK FOR THEM NOW! If this article has helped you generate your first customer testimonial, Like or Recommend us on Facebook.

This is important because as you grow, you can better deliver your products or services to your existing and growing customer base. In short, everybody wins. New customers will benefit from your products or services. Your existing customers will be happy that you are growing and expanding your ability to provide them with said products or services. This will also serve to validate the decision they made to have purchased from you in the first place.

Revenue is simply a result, a result of how helpful your products or services are. If you are not making any money, you are not helping anybody.


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GC Dark Mode Minimalist Theme Review

Happy to hear that our FREE Google Chrome Dark Mode Minimalist theme is enjoyed by others.

Thanks for the 5 stars on Google Henry! We appreciate it.

Get this free theme for your Chrome Browser.


Google Analytics Dashboard View


To resolve the Google Analytics Internal error notification one must simply disable any AdBlocking extension or Addon (such as AdBlock or uBlock Origin) within your browser.

Google has changed the Google Analytics URL several times over the past years and this issues seems to have resolved itself. If you are still having issues, check your Favorite or Bookmark to ensure that you are using the correct URL:


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Setup WordPress SSL Certificate Naples Florida

So you’ve made the wise investment of purchasing a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate for your WordPress powered website. Great! Now how do you enforce https on all of your website pages, images and other resources? This article will show you how to do just that.


How to Test for an SSL on your Website

Testing to see if the SSL certificate is correctly installed on your website is straightforward and simple. Just visit your website replacing the “http” with “https” which should reveal the green lock icon followed by the word “Secure” next to it within the address bar (if using Google Chrome as your website browser). If you don’t see the green lock followed by the word “Secure” you will need to contact your website hosting provider to get your SSL Certificate installed or properly configured on your website domain.


Updating Your WordPress Website to use HTTPS

If you want to take advantage of your SSL certificate you’ll need to update the URLs on your WordPress website. All of your URLs! We’ll run through these simple steps within this article.


Would you like prompt assistance? If you don’t have time or are not comfortable taking the risk of adding custom code to your website, let us get this done for you now!


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