Social Media Icons Missing in Enfold Theme

If you are using the Enfold theme for your WordPress web site, after updating to WordPress 5.3.1 you may have noticed that your social media icons disappeared.

The issue appears to stem from the WordPress 5.3.1 security and maintenance release which may be preventing the rendering of the icon font script used to display said social media icons. But this is just a guess.

Luckily, the Kriesi Media development team at Enfold have addressed the issue. The solution to the problem will be included within the next Enfold theme release which is expected sometime after the holidays. In the meantime, they have provided us with a way to patch the issue and restore the social media icon font functionality.


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Github Logo

From time to time I have posted some handy code snippets to help you alter and enhance your WordPress web site. I have been inserting them as <pre> formatted text or using the <code> formatting option from within the WordPress classic editor menu.

At the time, this was the most expedient way of getting the code displayed within my article or post. However, many visitors simply copy and paste these pre-formatted snippets which can result in formatting or other issues.

To help save time and frustration on behalf of my visitors I am now providing my WordPress code snippets through my GitHub Gist account, a free service provided by GitHub. Please allow me some time to complete this task for all of my prior articles and posts. I have to manually transfer all these WordPress code snippets over to my GitHub Gist account while ensuring proper formatting. Then they have to be manually embedded back into their proper places with my articles and posts.

In this article I will show you how to embed your own GitHub Gists into your WordPress website article post or page. This will also work for other sites that permit embedded JavaScript.


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