A Brave browser extension to clear all completed downloads and hide the downloads icon in toolbar after two minutes. The Auto Clear Downloads Extension was cloned from the Always Clear Downloads 2 Extension which would auto clear downloads after 5 seconds. Like my 30 second version better? [Buy me a cup of coffee].

I published the Auto Clear Downloads Extension source code on GitHub. Feel free to review the source materials and provide me with your feedback. As for me, I love it! But hey, I am biased.



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All Chromium (an open-source browser project) based internet browsers (such as Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Microsoft Edge) allow for the automatic opening of a downloaded file. For example, upon downloading a .jpg image you can select to have all future .jpg images open automatically upon download.

This may come in handy for certain file types. However, this feature is most often triggered accidentally, (at least in my case). To make matters worse, there is no opportunity to undo or reverse this option from the frontend. Not to worry, within this short article I will cover how you can disable this if you no longer need to automatically open your downloaded files upon completion.


Always Open Files of this Type


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