How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error




Since late January 2019, some users began complaining that the Microsoft Windows Update service stopped working. Others say they are even prevented from accessing the Microsoft Store and Upgrade services. When attempting to manually update Windows, the Windows Update service displays the following error:

Error encountered We’ll continue to check daily for newer updates. We couldn’t connect to the update service. We’ll try again later, or you can check now. If it still doesn’t work, make sure that you’re connected to the Internet.

As for solutions, Softpedia found a complex workaround involving changing your computer’s DNS settings. However, this isn’t the easiest solution to implement so we developed our own, simpler, fix to the recent Windows Update Error.

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Website Listing Service SCAM Letter from Domain Listing Company

We recently received an email from a client inquiring about a suspicious letter from a company called Domain Listings LLC that they received in the mail.

A closer look at this letter (near the center) reveals that it is a “solicitation” and “not a bill.”

What should I do If I get a letter from Domain Listings?

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Windows 10 File Deletion Bug October 2018 Update

Microsoft began rolling out the October 2018 Update for  Windows 10, version 1809, recently. Shortly afterwards reports began rolling in that the update resulted in the loss of end user data. Microsoft is now advising anyone who had manually downloaded the update, but not yet installed it, to not do so until further notice.

This is a significant blow to credibility which will undoubtedly result in hesitation next time end users go to update. Afterall, who needs to worry about hackers and malware when your operating system will destroy your files without any indication or reason.


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Gmail New Confidential Message Feature

Google’s Gmail service recently released a new feature called “Confidential Mode“. This allows you to set how long an email is available for viewing by your intended recipient(s).

As you can imagine, after the set expiration date, the email message is simply and automatically removed from the recipients inbox. Recipients will not have the option of forwarding this email, coping the email contents, or even printing it out.


However, it is still possible for a recipient to simply take a photograph or screenshot.


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Windows Logo

Those of us who have installed the Windows Update titled, April 2018 Update (build 1803), may be experiencing issues with their computers becoming completely unresponsive until a manual restart while using Google Chrome.

The issue is known to Microsoft and Google and no doubt the developers are working to discover what the issue is and the subsequent solution. Until that time we have a few techniques that may help.


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Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in January of 2015.

However, they are providing extended support until January of 2020.

Time to start migrating over to the greatly improved Windows 10.